This 8-week program is meant to give you an array of tools to support your recovery and path towards wholeness and to live a life with
more space – more choice – more freedom.

The Framework

Mantras, Mudras,
& Journal Prompts

Interviews with
special guests

Dharma Talks on
weekly topic


Sharing Circle


Yoga Classes





  • A thorough self-assessment: mental, physical, spiritual, relational, emotional
  • Exploring our stories (separating fact from fiction)
  • Understanding denial (how it protects us and how it harms us)
  • Neuroscience and addiction



  • Uncovering patterns and conditionings that keep us stuck
  • Understanding the trigger-craving-behavior loop
  • Nervous system and Vagus Nerve



  • Exploring our relationship to attachment and aversion
  • Identifying limiting beliefs
  • Navigating shame and resentment
  • Buddhist and Yogic perspective on surrender and release



  • Meeting our inner child
  • Integrating the shadow
  • Self-soothing techniques
  • Expanding our capacity for acceptance and compassion



  • The importance of visualization and intention (sankalpa)
  • Establishing a morning ritual (sadhana)
  • Creating a healthy and sustainable life design with vision boarding
  • Exploring the Yogic concept of discipline (Tapas)



  • Exploring yoga’s Niyamas for the wisdom of self-relationship
  • Emotional mapping
  • Cultivating our inner landscape
  • Navigating craving and relapse



  • Utilizing yoga’s Yamas for wisdom on our relationship with others
  • Anxiety: navigating, easing, listening
  • How to talk to people about your recovery
  • Identifying and communicating obstacles, boundaries, and needs.



  • Importance of sharing our personal experiences)
  • Creating and working with aspirations
  • Sobriety sustainability and empowered living
  • Celebrating recovery!

What you will receive:

  • 8 – 30 min yoga classes with Cole
  • 8 – live mantra, mudra & meditation classes with Jacq
  • 8 – live sharing circles
  • 8 – live dharma talks/ lectures with Cole
  • 4 – live process group with Bethany
  • 2x a week self-inquiry journal prompts
  • Accountability partners
  • Weekly activities + practices to support your diving in process
  • An engaging community forum

… and much more.


What happens after I register?

You will receive a welcome letter with some information + your first self-inquiry prompts. You will also receive a recovery resource guide to begin to dive into some of my recommended reading and listening prior our course. Access to the Private Facebook Group will come at you a week out from our jump-off date of August 4th!

What is the time commitment?

This depends on how deep of a dive you are ready to take. I estimate a minimum of 3-5 hours though beyond the scheduled lectures, asana practices, sharing circles, and meditations, Emerge is an opportunity to carve out and create your unique personal practice, whether that is 5 min or one hour. I encourage you not to “fit it in” but to dedicate space for the shift you are seeking. You can go deeper into the recovery resources such as podcasts, books, and articles as well as being active on the Emerge fb group. I really believe that we get out what we put in… so be ready to juice this experience for yourself!

There will be live trainings that will be recorded if you are unable to attend!

There is also a weekly themed 30 minute pre-recorded yoga class that you can practice along throughout the week.

What is a sharing circle?
I think it is vital for our recovery to come out of shame. By opening up in supportive containers, learning to see and be seen, we are able to heal. Our sharing circles will be a weekly safe place to get community support, to see and be seen in our differences and similarities. We will have assignments throughout the week and this is a space to share if you feel called. I want each of us to feel empowered in our own recovery so the choice is always up to you to. While there will never be any pressure to share, it is encouraged, as so much growth can come out of a little uncomfortability!
Is Emerge 12 step based?
This program is not 12 step based but is influenced by its philosophies as well as many others. We will be exploring many different ancient traditions and philosophies, as well as modern science and psychology, to find what uniquely resonates with each individual.
What if I can’t make the live class?
Some classes will be live and some will be pre-recorded. If you are unable to attend the live classes, you can access the replay at any time in the Emerge Facebook Group.
Is there a refund?
As there are a limited number of spaces, all sales are final. You will have access to all of the material and videos inside the Facebook Group and you will be able to revisit the information at any time throughout the course and after the course.
Disclaimer: No program has a sobriety guarantee. This doesn’t replace the vital detox programs that some may need, professional therapy, or in-person community support.
Emerge may be stand-alone support or it may be a supplement in your recovery tool box. Each of us has a unique recovery journey.