“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

― Anais Nin


Cole Chance

Cole has been a seeker all her life. It has brought her into the depths of addiction, to all corners of the world, and most importantly to the path of yoga. Through this practice, she has begun to understand, unravel, and explore the most fascinating of all landscapes – the inner one.

Her journey with drugs/alcohol began at the young age of 13 and took on a chaotic, hairpin trajectory for the next 16 years. It ran the spectrum of ecstatic and exploratory to a crippling subjugation. She was in and out of rehabs, detoxes, hospitals, and 12 step rooms throughout her 20’s, picking up tidbits of jargon and ideas along the way but never fully resonating with the idea of sobriety as she wore a tight fitting and pervasive layer of denial about her reality.

She was introduced to yoga in a treatment center several years prior to embracing recovery. While she could sense that there was something for her in this practice she still wasn’t ready to dive in. However, she kept visiting her mat over the next few years, beginning to carve out and cultivate a space that later would become a major component in her recovery.

Ultimately and gratefully, an overdose shook the bedrock of her reality enough for her to gain the clarity that her deep dependence was not only a detriment to a full life, but any life at all. She finally reached out for help of her own accord, began to unwind through therapy, found a supportive community, and landed full surrender into her yoga practice. Her recovery process continues today, intertwined with a life she never even dreamed possible.

Her belief in the importance of self inquiry and inner relationship comes through in her teaching style.

She encourages her students to always question within with kindness, outwardly move with curiosity, and always leave space for all of the unknown possibilities.

Cole teaches yoga in many capacities from online to festivals to international retreats, but her flow, passion, and most fluent language lay in supporting people who have also traversed the narrow dark halls of addiction and are ready to emerge into a thriving life beyond.


Jacquelynn St.Pierre
Mantra, Mudra, and Meditation Guide
Bethany Howsley
Clinical Psychologist, Therapeutic Focus Groups
Josh Caple
Transpersonal Counsellor, Therapeutic Focus Groups

Trinidad De Luz
Mindset and Manifestation Coach


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