I am SO HAPPY that you’ve chosen to join this exploration. It takes a lot of courage to pause for deep, sometimes challenging reflection, yet this decision means that you are already headed in a direction that can bring more freedom.

Take a pause and thank yourself for your courage, willingness, and all the things that have and haven’t happened that have led you to this moment and opportunity.

I am here, as well as Jacq, Christine and some other potent facilitators, to guide and support your process but ultimately this is YOUR opportunity to feel in, explore, and discover.

My hope is that throughout the course, you will find and uncover some pieces of you that have been forgotten, release some that aren’t helpful anymore, and step away from habituated cycles into a more empowered and embodied life….one full of CHOICE.

We’ll be sending out invites to the Emerge Sangha FB group and Emerge Portal about a week out from program start so keep an eye out for that. Until then, we’ve compiled a juicy resource sheet to dive into some inspiration for our journey. This is not required reading, just some good options for if you want to start peeking in!

Course runs from April 4 – June 4 with the schedule as below:

  • Tuesdays – 6 PM Central – Weekly Deep Dive w. Cole
  • Sundays – 6 PM Central – Satsang (Community Circle) w. Cole
  • Thursdays – 3 PM Central – Mindfulness Practices w. Jacq
  • Guest workshops TBA
CLICK HERE to see a resource list with some favorite podcasts & books that can get some transformative fires stoked.
And also please DOWNLOAD the Circle of Balance pdf

Payment Plan

  • Our default payment plan is deposit & 2 additional even payments.
  • All dues must be in 30 days from start date.
  • If you would like to pay in full, you can sign in wetravel.com and pay your balance there. Click on “My Trips”. Then click on “Manage Booking”.
  • If you want to arrange a different payment schedule please reach out to kim@colechanceyoga.com
Please reach out with any and all questions. We are looking forward to meeting and exploring with you.

Cole + the Emerge Team