A holistic approach to finding freedom

and healing from addiction


Program starts on August 4th, 2020

8 Weeks | 8 Explorations

Whether you have been in recovery for awhile or are just beginning your journey, this program is designed to create a deeper self understanding and to cultivate more empowerment along your path.

Combining Yoga, Buddhism, neuroscience and psychology, this journey is created to give you an array of tools to support your recovery and path towards wholeness.


The Program

EMERGE is an 8-week program meant to give you an array of tools to support your recovery and path towards wholeness and to live a life with

more space – more choice – more freedom.


for 8 weeks

One Time Payment


With Payment Plan

$550 deposit

Another 2x $425 can be paid
on the 2nd and 4th week
Total $1,400

Who is EMERGE right for?

+ you are tired of running on the wheel you’re on and want to discover what life would be like beyond the heaviness of addiction.

+ you are exhausted of perpetuating old patterns and are ready to write a new script for your life.

+ you desire to cultivate the resiliency to successfully navigate challenging emotions and situations without substance.

+ you are prepared to courageously look at your past in order to gain more self understanding and set up a supportive framework for your future.

+ you want to expand your self-practice and learn practical tools to support your recovery journey.

+ you are ready to invite more ease and calm into your life and be able to create and nourish important relationships.

+ you are drawn towards like minded community and are willing to show up for yourself and the group.

+ you are looking to explore outside of or add to the traditional 12 step method.

+ regardless if you have any idea what it looks like, you are ready for something new.

+ you are willing to commit to YOU.

Dismantling Addiction

Addiction is insidious and takes many forms with substance abuse being only one manifestation. 

Many of us find ourselves suffering in toxic relationships, codependency, eating disorders, anxiety, perfectionism, undigested traumas – the list of the ways we distract and soothe ourselves from discomfort goes on and on.

 We are all recovering from something and each of us has room to come closer to wholeness.

A Word of Encouragement

I want to assure you that you are not committed to your past patterns… though you will need to dig in to dig out. Listening, observing, and inquiring matched with radical honesty and swirled in compassion can reveal that shift is absolutely possible. While it is not easy, EASE is available. Would you like to take the reins in the curation of your life? How free do you want to be?

A Note From Cole


Maybe you are just beginning to hear a small voice whispering that there is another way to live.

Very possibly you’ve been trying for some time to shift your reality yet repeatedly find yourself again and again in the same places.

Perhaps you have made some big shifts in your life but are feeling some stagnancy on your path.

Or maybe you are standing at a crossroads not quite sure which way to go but know that something’s gotta give.

Wherever you are on your journey, I want to remind you that you always have the power, at any time, to begin again.

You are the one who gets to draw the line in the sand.

This – here – now – could be the moment that you choose to thrive.

To come out from under.